Screencap Meme → Black Heart White Soul (忠奸人)

Screencap Meme → Black Heart White Soul (忠奸人)

heartdelights asked: hello i am bored right now ^__^ i know you like ruco chan so who do you think has the most chemistry with him?

XDDDDDDD good question! honestly, I really don’t know. ruco chan really makes an effort to have chemistry with all of his costars! but if I have to choose, I’ll have to say it’s with selena li in ‘slow boat home’. I put selena as no. 1 beause they didn’t have enough screentime together and it didn’t clench my thirst :< second to that will be with linda chung in ‘brother’s keeper’. they had plenty of screentime together, so no complaints from me.

but obviously my ultimate otp is ruco chan x raymond wong. I hope they’re endgame in the upcoming ‘all that is bitter is sweet’. sorry linda \o/

lol jk no not really

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"It’s worse to marry a husband who farts" - Tou Fa

Pak Kiu : “Are you crazy?! What are you laughing at?”

Lap Man : “I’m laughing at myself for trusting the right person!”

"I Ngau Dai Lik, can get such a pretty wife even with my own hideous look, Ah Mau, I really don’t know how do I repay you."
"Use your whole life to repay me then."
"Yes of course, I’ll use my whole life to repay you."

Matt proposes to Mei Ching

"Don’t spoil the atmosphere! Let’s do it the other way round, let me feed you!" - John