"It’s worse to marry a husband who farts" - Tou Fa

Pak Kiu : “Are you crazy?! What are you laughing at?”

Lap Man : “I’m laughing at myself for trusting the right person!”

"I Ngau Dai Lik, can get such a pretty wife even with my own hideous look, Ah Mau, I really don’t know how do I repay you."
"Use your whole life to repay me then."
"Yes of course, I’ll use my whole life to repay you."

Matt proposes to Mei Ching

"Don’t spoil the atmosphere! Let’s do it the other way round, let me feed you!" - John

Yeung Mau confesses to Dai Lik in the nick of time.


仕女摄影 by 潤熙陳

1,2,3 Tang Dynasty

4,5,6 Song Dynasty

7,8,9 Ming Dynasty

Drama Appreciation Post → One person, Two roles.

  • Selena Li → Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain
  • Show Luo → Hi My Sweetheart
  • Myolie Wu → Triumph In the skies I & II
  • Bosco Wong → A Change of heart
  • Aaron Yan → Fall In Love With Me

"Parents have to face the changes created by the education policy. The concept of teaching in schools, the request for personal development and growth in an environment that children are happy in. With knowledge, you pursue good grades in exchange. No matter what your choice is, it is the responsibility of parents to encourage children to study hard. But parents should provide the basics for children, such as a happy environment for growth and potential chances for development. They should not be worried about grades or requesting for children to get in schools with good reputation. That would hurt the children’s feelings and mindset. Life is short, you can’t determine if you lose or win at the starting point."

"But you have two hands! One hand for holding Miss Yu and the other for holding Miss Lok! …. Silly!" - Chor Gin