"But you have two hands! One hand for holding Miss Yu and the other for holding Miss Lok! …. Silly!" - Chor Gin

thatonenitpickyartist asked: Hey, did you hear? Tavia and Him might be getting married next year. .________. I saw that in a Chinese gossip magazine today. Oh gosh, ship is conflicted.

I haven’t heard about that, but I’m very happy for them if it’s true! I don’t really follow their gossip, but it seems to me that being with tavia turned out to be the best for him. he has become much more grounded and mature over the years.

I will proudly sink with the manhim ship LOL but we also have to keep in mind that these are real people and not fictional characters :) make do what we have.

"Its my fault for missing Tou Fa too much, that gave you the chance to pretend to be here" - Cheung Seng

the ultimate addiction (点金胜手), 2014


the ultimate addiction (点金胜手), 2014

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"Stop running or i’ll fire!" - Lap Guen

"Bird Poo…. KC?!" - John

Fong Tai and Martin’s Impulsive Kiss

ep27| I’ve heard a quote that says “so poor all they have left is money”. It describes me pretty well huh?

thatonenitpickyartist asked: Do you actually ship ManHim? I noticed you have a lot of gifs of ManHim. But don't worry, I love this pairing too. :D

yes I do! :D I’ve been shipping them since their “Suspects in Love” days. they are probably my favorite tvb pairing at the moment and I can’t wait to see more of their sexual tension/frustration in “Tiger Cubs II”!! XD I hope we get to see more of them together (forever)

don’t worry, I’m not gonna throw a fit and cut tavia (idk maybe)

Colour Meme → Myolie Wu »  Blue

Colour Meme → Myolie Wu »  Blue

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